Tulip driving school

Automatic driving lessons
HP1, HP2, HP3 and WD4
Call Alan 07930 658946

What happens when I
book a
£20 assessment
in Hemel Hempstead?

Lesson Times Monday - Friday
■ 7am     ■ 10am     ■ 1pm     ■ 6pm

In a quiet location

Alan ask you about any previous
experience you may have had,
so he can properly evaluate
your skills and knowledge

the driving test

 Alan will explain the National Standard, what happens in the driving test and it’s structure

Start driving

Under Alan’s expert
help and guidance
you will then start driving!

How many lessons
and how much

Alan will give you an estimate of
how many lessons
you will need to pass your test
and be safe on the roads

Alan is a grade ‘A’ DVSA instructor, with 12 years experience
and uses the latest teaching methods

Special offer

Assessment Lesson
for only

Understand the driving test

Assessment drive

Action plan to pass

How many hours needed

Tulip automatic car

Or use your car

Text Alan to arrange
07930 658946

Screening process

On arrival we will maintain
social distancing whilst we complete the
Covid screening process for both of us

Any family members shielding?

Are either of us coughing, sneezing or
loss of sense of smell or taste changed?

Washed or sanitised our hands
in the last 10 minutes?

Do either of us have a temperature?

Safe lessons - Thorough 30 minute autonomous vehicle sanitisation

vehicle sanitising

Before & after each lesson,
the Tulip Car is given
a 30 minute deep clean using an
autonomous sanitising machine

Anti-virus solution against all
enveloped viruses including
Coronavirus, Influenza & HIV

Bactericide solution which
kills 99% of bacteria

Face coverings

A face covering is a mandatory requirement in the Driving Test
and during lessons,
which we can provide if necessary

Vehicle ventilation

We can’t use the air conditioning instead, the car windows must
be open throughout the lesson
– we can have the heating on
depending on the weather

Ultra Safe driving lessons conducted in line with Public Health England &
the Health & Safety Executive guidance, as used by DVSA examiners in the Driving Test

Lesson Prices

Pre-pay 9 hours: £299

Pre-pay 3 hours: £105

 Single 1 hour assessment: £20

St Albans Drivig Test:  2 hours
(includes 45 minute pre-test lesson)

You can take your test in our
automatic Tulip car or your car

£35 per hour in your car

Lessons last 1.5 hours, you can pay by
cash, cheque, or bank transfer